Posted on February 11, 2010

  • AFTERNOON UPDATE:I should never say “final render”. Added one more revision of “Take Two” this afternoon to bring it in line with the multiscreen versions I posted this morning. The new version brings back some of the bow highlights that were toned down in the second render. If you prefer (or want to check out) the previous versions you will find them in the Pickle Jar.
  • MORNING UPDATE:A couple of items to mention this morning. First, I’ve added the dual and triple-screen versions of “Take Two” to the gallery. I did make a few changes from the single screen version so have a look even if you only have one monitor.
  • Second, I was checking out Google Analytics last night and noticed that 1280 x 800 was the single most used resolution amongst DB visitors. It only made sense to add it to my Member download options.

    There are over 250 files so if you want to get them all I recommend a visit to my zip files page. I’m going to work on adding 1600 x 900, 1024 x 768 (the second most popular screen res), and more multi-screen options in the near future. If you have a resolution request you can leave it in the thread below. Thanks!!