Posted on January 31, 2010

  • I’ve added a couple of new prints to my Zazzle store. “Corona” and “Haiku (2007)” are now available.

    I’m especially thrilled to finally have a print version of the new “Haiku”. For some reason I never could get this one to render at print resolution using the older versions of Vue d’Esprit, but Vue 8 managed to get the job done. I’m looking forward to getting my own copy as it’s one of my favorites from my gallery.

    Also, I’ve been working with Pim Vermeyden on some themes for Google’s Chrome browser. These are still in the testing phase but I thought my Members might like to check them out. They are zipped .crx files (around 6 MB each). Download the zip, extract the theme, and drag it into your open Chrome window to apply it.

    The first is based on “The Spark” and you can download it here.

    The second is based on “Echoes” and you can download it here.

    We are working on more and I will try to have a central repository for them shortly. Be sure to leave Pim some feedback in the thread below!