Posted on January 24, 2010

  • If you’ve been following my posts for the past few days you’ll know that it’s been a trying week for my family. Jason is home now and seems to be almost back to normal. He’s still having nightmares about needles and other hospital unpleasantness, but I imagine that is normal. The hospital can be scary place for a grown up (I know), and I imagine it’s even moreso for a 3 year old.

    He’s running around the house and playing Legos with his brother now so all is well. Thanks again to everyone who wrote, posted, prayed, and sent positive vibes. Thanks also to the doctors and nurses at OSF Children’s Hospital in Peoria, IL.

    I haven’t had much time for artwork this week but I did get a chance to do some rendering Friday. Rather than start in on something completely new (and leave you guys waiting for another week or so) I felt like improving the star I had created for “Muspelheim”.

    I played around with it some more in Lightwave, added some fractal effects courtesy Apophysis, and recast it as the centerpiece in a new space scene (with some abstract touches). I call it “Corona” and it is up now for Members to download.

    If you aren’t a Member yet you are welcome to download a mobile version and try it out on your phone. You’ll find the mobile versions (marked with “FREE”) in the download dropdown menu. I recently made all of my mobile wallpapers free so you can demo my work on your smaller screens and, if you like it, I hope you will consider signing up to access the HD versions for your larger screens.

    The multi-screen of “Muspelheim” is currently rendering on my other box (taking a long, long time for some strange reason) and I hope to have that up soon. I am going to go play with my kids now…