Posted on January 20, 2010

  • My 3 year old son Jason started running a fever last Monday (the 11th), just after his Tae Kwon Do class. We got out the usual tools and prepared for battle. By last Wednesday we took him to the doctor (didn’t find anything) and Sunday we took him to the ER. He went from an energetic little chatterbox to never leaving the couch or bed.

    Monday he saw his doctor who gave him some antibiotics and we started hoping for a recovery. It didn’t happen. This morning we took him to the local hospital for some more blood tests and xrays and our pediatrician was so alarmed he ordered Jason admitted to OSF Children’s Hospital in Peoria (about 50 mile away). His hemoglobin had fallen over 1 point from Monday to today.

    There’s a whole host of things that could cause this, ranging from scary to terrifying. The doctors think it is most likely a nasty virus attacking his bone marrow and inhibiting it’s ability to create new red blood cells but they are running tests for things like lymphoma and leukemia.

    I’ve posted a lot of this on the DB Facebook page (because I could do so with my phone) but didn’t have a chance to let the rest of you know until now. There was only room for one parent to spend the night so I came back home and I’m about to collapse.

    If you have any spare prayers to give we would greatly appreciate sending them towards our little guy. This is the first time I’ve had one of my guys be really sick and I must say it is a terrifying experience.