Posted on January 5, 2010

  • Just returned yesterday from a much-needed vacation. After Christmas we packed up the car and drove down to Siesta Key, FL for some beach time. It might have ben more relaxing if we had left Ian and Jason at home (18 hours in the car both ways). They did great however and the kids had a blast digging in the sand and collecting seashells. I’m still pretty tired (didn’t sleep much) but my spirit feels refreshed. I think we’ll fly next time though.

    I set the multi-screen version of “Posdeidon’s Playground” rendering while I was away and it is now available. I kind of went back and forth about how to split up the dual-screen but settled on splitting it down the middle. If it doesn’t work for you then you are welcome to download the triscreen version and slice it up to suit your needs.

    It looks like “Poseidon” has inched ahead of “Beginning of the End” atop my all-time “Top Ten” (as rated by my Members). Whether it stays there or not, I am pleased that it was well received. I’ll try not to wait so long to do another underwater scene.

    I have a few ideas about what to work on next. It will be something warmer (both in content and hue) than my last few wallpapers. Promise.