Posted on December 31, 2009

  • Goodbye to 2009. I can’t say I will miss it. It started out with me in the hospital having some clogged innards removed and I am only now starting to feel halfway normal again. Compound that with the same economic angst I’m sure you all have been feeling.

    So, you’ve probably noticed that it hasn’t been a year for shiny happy wallpapers from me. Still, I think I did some of my best work in 2009. Half of my all-time Top 10 were created this year, including the #1.

    If you look over them all you will notice a palpable moodiness. I resolve in 2010 to lighten up and bring some whimsy back. To that end I am taking a little break this week (while the multiscreen “Poseidon” renders) and look to return refreshed in January. I promise to put the blue pixels away for a little while (though I will always come back to them from time to time).

    In 2010 I plan on a major site upgrade, learning some new software (Terragen), and getting back to a more regular work schedule. Thanks to you all for sticking with me through this challenging year.

    Here’s to a brighter 2010!