Posted on December 11, 2009

  • My new Christmas wallpaper is in the latest stage of development. I hope to have it up sometime this weekend (fingers crossed). While it renders I have been doing a bit of clean-up/tweaking to the new site.

    I’ve brought back the “Recent Comments” page so you can see which images have the most recent feedback. I’ve also fixed issue with the early (1997) images displaying a broken 1600 x 1200 link. It’s hard to believe there was a time when I only rendered at 1152 x 864. Now I produce over 33 different resolutions for each project!

    For the non-Member I have brought back the “Multi-Monitor Sample” image and I’ve replaced the old “Cosmogony” with “Tropical Moon”.

    Lastly, I’m putting out the call once more for photos of your multiscreen setups. Snap a pic and upload it directly to the DB Facebook Wall. You can see the ones that have already been posted here. I’d like to collect and host the coolest ones on a page here.

    The comments link below goes to the general thread that I’ve set up to handle feedback regarding the new site layout. Feel free to post if you are still having issues or just want to leave your opinion on the changes.