Posted on November 12, 2009

  • I’ve added over 220 wallpapers sized for the new “Droid” phone. You can download them individually through the “Mobile Resolution” drop down by each image or you can download them all at once via a Zip file.

    I guess the wallpaper setup for a Droid is a little different than for more other phones (the Droid has 3 home screens, etc). I don’t have a Droid so perhaps you guys could tell me how they look in the thread below?

  • Afternoon Update: I’ve added 480 x 800 files to the mobile options to support the HTC Touch Pro 2 and the Nokia N900.
  • Second Afternoon Update: I will probably end up posting both the day and night versions of “Canopy Creek (Winter)” in the gallery. I am rendering a new version of the night scene with falling snow and once that is finalized I will get the multi-screen going. The multi-screen of the day version is still a day or two away. The snow adds a lot to the render times.

    I also have a new abstract in the works…