Posted on September 25, 2009

  • A few weeks ago I received an eloquent email from a soldier stationed in Iraq (here it is on my Facebook page if you are interested). The email garnered quite a response. One gentleman (thanks Bob!) went so far as to purchase a Lifetime Membership for her.

    A member named Matt posted in the comments thread that her email “would definitely inspire and oasis”, which gave me the idea to refresh my 1999 “Oasis” render.

    The first step was to create the pool, but I took a little detour in developing it to render out my prismatic pool. I went back on task a couple of days ago and now my updated “Oasis” is available for your review. I hope you like it. It’s dedicated to Alecia in Iraq and everyone who wishes they were someplace else.

  • Looking at my gallery page it has become obvious to me (and to many of you I am certain) that my health problems have really slowed down my rendering this year. It has always been my policy that renewals are a payment for the past year’s renders but I don’t think this past year has been normal at all. For that reason I am going to lower the price for a 1 year renewal to $8 for the one week starting today (expiring at midnight on 10/2). The discount only applies to one year renewals and is only open to current Members (if you let your account expire and want to renew the price will be the regular $15).

    I do think my posting will speed up in the future. I’ve automated the watermarking process which was a major bottleneck for me. I also have a new site launching soon and I hope to streamline a lot the things that keep me from working on art. Stay tuned and thanks for your continued support!