Posted on September 24, 2009

  • I should have a new render done fairly soon. The prismatic pool was actually created for something else entirely. You will see.

    In the meantime, Jessie gave me a idea for a t-shirt the other night. Instead of using one image, why not use them all? I’ve created a couple of different mosaic designs so far and the first two are available in my Zazzle store. It’s strange looking at them all, nearly 15 years of rendering, in one glance.

    The “spectrum” was created using a program called “AndreaMosaic“. The program is free but I will definitely make a donation to support it.

    The 25 x 25 grid was created by using a modified version of my gallery page. I used the “Screengrab” Firefox extension to snapshot the whole screen (not just inside the browser window) to create a 5000 pixel wide semi-chronological grid. The grid only has images from my main gallery while the spectrum has picklejar images as well (a lot of stuff that I hadn’t seen in years).

    Both are available on t-shirts and as prints if you want my whole collection on your wall.

    I am hoping Jessie will design some other items for my Zazzle store. Anything you would like to see? Comments and questions welcome.