Posted on August 29, 2009

  • I’ve posted a revised version of “Afterglow” this evening. I decided to remove the flying pelicans (they didn’t scale down well) and I’ve decreased the star density somewhat. I’ve also removed the moss from the beach rocks (but the rocks themselves are staying). The moss was a relic from when the scene was set in the northern latitudes rather than the tropics.

    The first version will remain available in the Pickle Jar, along with an early version with a completely different sky. I was actually trying to emulate the sky from the current (August) picture on my Sierra Club Calendar, but at the last minute I changed the sky to the colors you see now.

    I’ve also tweaked the watermark a bit more. It shouldn’t cut cut off by any more taskbars, but feel free to post in the comment thread if it is still looking funky on your screen. I took the advice of one Facebook user (Graham Robinson) and set the transparency to 40% so it should be a little less in-your-face now. The transparency will be more obvious on the lighter images of course.

    Onto the multi-screen versions now…