Posted on August 7, 2009

  • A couple of items to mention this morning. On the wallpaper front, I’m stirring a number of different pots at the moment. I have two new Vue d’Esprit projects going and I am putting the finishing touches on the “final” version of Fluorescence (2009). “Enshrouded” multi-screen is still rendering on my quad-core box and shows no sign of being finished any time in the near future. Sorry guys, I guess I made it a little too complex.

    I recently upgraded Jessie’s (and the kids’) 5 year old computer to one of those all in one touchscreen models. It’s pretty nifty. The machine runs at 1366 x 768, as does my little laptop. Setting it up I discovered, to my horror, that Firefox is not as good as IE at scaling down my 1920 x 1080 images to fit the screen (I did some quick comparisons here).

    To rectify the situation I have added 1366 x 768 as a resolution option for all of my most recent work (some 175 images). You should see the new download option next to the thumbnails. Or you can download them all at once in Zip file.

    Stay tuned!