Posted on July 20, 2009

  • Wow. I hit a little rough patch healthwise over the past few weeks. I had to go into surgery 3 times (nothing life threatening), most recently last Friday. I think I am coming out of it now though and I did get a chance last week to do some sitting at the computer and do a little creating. I was going back and forth about entering my project in a contest but in the end I decided it was far more important to post it here than wait until the contest was over. Nothing I could possibly win in any contest could be better than the what I have going with Digital Blasphemy. Let others win the prizes.

    My new project is called “Canopy Creek” and it’s up now for your review on the new images page. You could call it a reworking of my “Canopy” wallpaper from 2000 though I chose a different title for this one. Thankfully it only took a few hours to render 😉

    I have another project that I am still working on and I hope to have that one up before the end of the week. Be sure to check out my news posts below if you only visit the site when I post new images. Thanks!