Posted on July 15, 2009

  • Time for a little update. First off you will note that I have added my “status” to the upper right corner of the page. Upon looking at the items I list you may wonder to yourself: “What do I care what games Ryan is playing on his phone?”. Well, I’m posting that stuff because you may get a better idea where my inspirations come from.
    For example, I am pretty positive that “Beginning of the End” was inspired by my reading “Dying of the Light” by George R.R. Martin. By knowing what I am into at the moment I hope you all might have a better insight as to where my ideas come from. If you have comments on the “Staus” section please give them below or follow the link at the bottom of the box itself.

  • I also wanted to mention that I have finally found a use for the “” domain that my Mom purchased for me many years ago. I’m using it as an extended “artist bio” with pages about me, my family, and a brief history of my artwork. It is a work in progress but check it out if you are interested. If you have any feedback feel free to share it below.