Posted on July 7, 2009

  • If I hadn’t been laid up the past couple of weeks I probably would have stopped my workstation in the middle of its epic re-rendering of “Enshrouded”. Since I didn’t have anything better for it to be doing I let it go.

    The render finally finished this afternoon and I’ve posted it on the New Images page for your review. The clouds look more like fog to me now and that is what I was going for. Too bad my workstation isn’t fast enough to render these sorts of effects more quickly.

    I will set my other renderer going on a multi-screen render ASAP.

  • As far as the site tweaking goes I think I am done for now. I’ve taken some of the advice given and I have dramatically shortened the links on the left. Access to the gallery is now through the “gallery” link (or the “Newest Images” link above) and once there you can browse my images in a number of ways.

    I’ve removed the background image. The people who hated it really hated it a lot and the people who liked it were like “sure whatever”. I’ve also added a comment form to the top of each comments page so you can more easily add your own.

    Yes, this site is due for a majhor overhaul using the most modern technology. That will have to wait until I am on my new server though. To be honest, I’m thinking about bringing someone on to help with the web design part of the job. I would rather concentrate more on my artwork.

    Anywyay, thanks everyone for the feeback thus far. Let me know what you think of the newest layout.