Posted on July 1, 2009

  • Time for an update. As you may have noticed, things have slowed down somewhat around here during the past month. The truth is that my medical condition has flared up again and I had to have surgery last Tuesday. The surgery was a “redo” of a procedure I had done originally in December, which turned out to be unsuccessful.

    The recovery wasn’t too bad last time so I assumed the same would be true this time around. My Doctor had other ideas though and added some hardware to the procedure to give it a better chance of success. I hope it works because the last week has really been hell on Earth for me.

    I’m pretty much bedridden now (typing this on my laptop) and I don’t know how long this will last. At least I am not in the hospital I guess. I sure hope this works (and I never have to go through with it again).

    I have set my workstation rendering an “improved” version of “Enshrouded”. The clouds look a lot more like fog and are less busy.Realism comes at a price CPU-wise though. It still has a couple of days left to go and I will try to post it as soon as it is done. I will get a multi-screen render going on another machine after that so I can get busy on a new wallpaper as soon as I can stand sitting at my computer.

    I also have a few renders sitting around that I didn’t think were “gallery-quality” but that some of you might enjoy checking out. I’ll try to get those into the Pickle Jar shortly.

  • One thing that has made the last week a little less terrible is that I finally got an iPhone. I’ve been exploring it the past couple of days and I can already see some DB-iPhone possibilies. My kids bought me an iTunes gift card for Father’s Day so I’ve been raiding the AppStore. If any of you can recommend some apps/games that will help me take my mind off all of this please feel free to share. I’ve already downloaded “Enigmo” and “Flight Control” am they’re both really cool.