Posted on June 25, 2009

  • I started a new render of my project last night, but when I saw this morning that it had two days left before it would be complete I decided that enough was enough. I’m not completely happy with the render I have, but I’ve gone ahead and posted it for your review rather than make you all wait any longer. The wallpaper is called “Enshrouded” and you’ll find it on the new images page. I am in the process of making some changes so be sure to check back in a day or two as there may be a newer version available.

    This new image takes full advantage of the cloud rendering technology available in the newest version of Vue d’Esprit. The clouds looks great but they still take forever to render, even on my 8-core workstation. Perhaps another hardware upgrade is in order soon…

  • Sort of on that subject; when I lowered the price on the Lifetime Memberships last month a lot of people asked if they could continue making donations even though they are permanent Members. I’ve added a form just for that purpose. If you look in the middle of the link column to your left you will see a “tip” box. $2 is in the field by default but you can make donations of any amount you like. The button will lead you to a form where you can enter your credit card or PayPal details. Thanks everyone!
  • MaDonna Update: It looks like she has taken down the majority of her collection so I am happy. Thanks to everyone for helping out with this!


  • I hope to have my new wallpaper ready by tomorrow. As I mentioned on the Twitter feed and Facebook page, we took a little family trip last week to visit some friends in Austin, TX. I’ve been working on this project since Friday.

    Lately, I’ve gotten a number of emails from folks alerting me to the fact that my work is being used by another designer in the “Firefox Personas” gallery. Personas are a way to apply an image to your web browser interface, kind of like a skin. Just so everyone will know, I haven’t decided what to do about this MaDonna person. The Persona gallery doesn’t really allow you to contact the designer and she/he doesn’t have any links that I could find. Guess I will have to go through the site.

    Anyway, the experience inspired me to create a few of my own “Personas” (while waiting for renders) and you can check them out here. If the response is positive I could see making a few more.

    Look for the new render hopefully within the next couple of days. TGIF.


  • Added the dual and triple-screen versions of “Beginning of the End” to the gallery this evening. I would have had them up sooner, but I chose to render each version separately. I chose to split the dual-screen version down the middle because it just didn’t look right all shoved over onto one side. Hope it looks okay!