Posted on March 15, 2009

  • One of the byproducts of being laid up for weeks is that I’ve had a lot of time to watch TV (something I really didn’t do that much before the surgery). A lot of “Good Eats”, “Modern Marvels”, and old movies on TCM. One of these old movies was “The Searchers” (watched this one on Blu-Ray) and it provided the inspiration for my latest wallpaper.

    The wallpaper is called “Desert Dawn” and it is now up for your review. I would have had it up a couple of days ago but I decided at the last minute to change up the atmosphere. I version I settled on is up on the new images page, and the first version is available in the Pickle Jar. Which do you prefer?

    Either way, I hope you enjoy them. It looks like Zazzle is offering 50% off all poster prints. If you’ve been waiting to purchase one now might be the right time. Just enter the code “ZAZZLEPOSTER” at checkout to apply the discount.

  • Lastly, I wanted to mention (in case you hadn’t looked at my blog) that I trying to sell one of my Quadro video cards. If you are in need of a high-powered worksation class 3D card for (relatively) cheap let me know. See my blog post for more details.