Posted on January 7, 2009

  • Late Update:I was working on the mulit-screen version of “First Light” today when I remembered one of the comments I had read in the feedback thread for that image. The jist of the comment was the person usually requested night versions of my daytime images, but this one was pretty good as is so a night version wasn’t needed.

    That got me thinking about what a night version would look like, so I tweaked the atmosphere and lighting a little bit and did a few renders. I thought the result was a pretty nice wallpaper in its own right so I’ve posted it up here for you. I call it “First Moonlight” (kind of cheesy, but it fit the theme).

    I hope you like it. I have the multi-screen of First Light rendering now and should have it up soon (and a multi-screen of “First Moonlight” shortly thereafter).


  • I hope to have a multi-screen version of “First Light” up shortly. In the meantime I have added 1024 x 600 images for those of you using Netbook computers. The new size is in the list of options to the right of the image thumbnails, or you can download them all (I have just over 200 available) in a Zip file.