Posted on October 7, 2008

  • Added “Niflheim” to the gallery this evening (title explained here). This is the space project that I mentioned setting aside in my “Inspiration” blog post. I was torn on whether or not to come back to it, since being stuck on a project is not very much fun. I’m glad I decided to work it out though. It think it came out rather well and makes a nice addition to my space images. I also like that it is a complete 180 from my previous 3 pieces. I hope you like it too.

    Next up is a multi-screen version and then I’d like to do something a little more seasonal. Either another fall image or perhaps a Halloween theme.

    Speaking of Halloween: I’ve added links to all of my Holiday images (see just below the 1997 gallery link on the left hand side of the page) so it should be a little easier to find the images you want without having to dig through the main galleries.