Posted on September 18, 2008

  • I’ve added dual and triple screen versions of “Green and Gold” to the gallery this morning. I have to say right up front that the “Cloud Bug” that has plauged other multi-screen renders rears its ugly head here as well. The cloud bug, if you didn’t read my post a couple of months ago, is a fault in Vue d’Esprit where the clouds change shape when I change the aspect ratio of the render. Basically, it means it is impossible to get the same clouds in the multi-screen render that I have in the single-screen version. They’ve told me that they are working on fixing this, but at this point I think the fix (if it comes at all) will be a part of Vue 7 rather than an update for Vue 6.

    I’ve added a print version of “Green and Gold” to my Zazzle collection. I’ve also added a couple of new product categories; greeting cards and postcards. So far I’ve only added the top ten images (plus one or two of my personal favs), but if the demand is there I will add more. The greeting cards are blank on the inside. I would have added Christmas images, but I have an exclusive arrangement with a British company that keeps me from marketing my own Christmas cards. I can provide a link to them if anyone is interested.

    I’ve been very pleased reading the comments regarding “Green and Gold” over the past few days. I’m glad most of you seem to have enjoyed it (and that some of you have found a bit of solace in it during troubling times). After 11 years making people happy never gets old.