Posted on July 29, 2008

  • I’ve added a new abstract to the gallery this morning. It’s entitled “Resonance” and it’s my first “flame fractal” attempt in over two years. A member (Peter) commented on my “Episteme” image a week or so ago and planted the seed in my mind that I should revisit the “Apophysis” software and see if it had improved over the past coupe of years.

    The short answer is, yes, it is greatly improved. Memory errors prevented me from rendering multi-screen renders before and those seem to have been fixed. In fact, I have dual and triple screen versions of “Resonance” up concurrent with the single screen version.

    I have a few other “flame” abstracts that I am tinkering with and I hope to have them up before the end of the week as well. They don’t take nearly as long to work on and render as the 3D stuff.

    I’ve seen the harsh image ratings for my other fractals (and abstracts in general) and don’t expect any of these to be in the top rated images, but they are fun for me to do (it’s nice to take a break from 3D for a short time) and I think they’re pretty. I hope you guys enjoy them.