Posted on July 25, 2008

  • Update: There was a problem with the triple-screen split file that I uploaded this morning. I’ve reuploaded the file with the proper images. Sorry about that!
  • I’ve added dual and triple screen versions of “Pride (2008)” to the gallery this morning. In the end I had to cheat a little to get around the “Vue Cloud Bug” but I think the end result looks pretty good. Unfortunately this sort of cheat won’t work with “Moonlit Citadel” so that is why I am holding onto that one until a software fix is released. The render has been completed but the sky needs to be redone before it can be posted.

    I’ve read all of the comments regarding “Pride (2008)” with great interest. I knew it would be a polarizing image, and that not everyone would want to use it on their desktops. I was also well aware of the technical issues when I posted it. I’m glad that a lot of you enjoyed looking at it, even if you didn’t use it as a wallpaper. I’m not going to make any thematic comments here, but rather let the piece speak for me.

    As I said before, look for space and abstracts next!