Posted on July 3, 2008

  • I’ve added the moonlit version of “Citadel (2008)” to the gallery this morning. I call it, simply enough, “Moonlit Citadel” and you’ll find it on the New Images page. It took a couple days longer to get a result that I was happy with, but I think the extra time was worth it in this case.

    I had a render finished on Tuesday but right before I posted it I decided to add some extra lighting to the Citadel itself (inspired by the original 1998 version).

    I should have a multi-screen render up in a couple of days. Last week I contacted the developers of Vue d’Esprit regarding the issue with the clouds in my mulit-screen renders looking different (and worse) than the clouds in the single screen version. I just received an answer from them this morning. Here it is (typos left intact):

    Hi Ryan, we found out what the problem was. It’s linked to te aspect ratio that’s different. And atmospehere are calculated based on one aspect, and the changes a bit (usually not that much) if you change the aspect ratio. But in your case, it changes a lot, so the atmosphere looks realy weird (in fact the math function behind it is stretched. We will try to correct this for the next software update, until then I hope this info will help you finalize your render. Let me know how it goes. Best regards. Matt

    Hopefully they can fix the problem and I can then redo some of the multi-screens which show the problem. Should I hold off on the multi-screen version of “Moonlit Citadel” until the issue is fixed? Leave your thoughts in the comments thread if you have any.

    A happy and safe Independence Day to all my USA Members!