Posted on June 29, 2008

  • I’ve added the dual and triple screen versions of “Citadel (2008)” this morning.

    I’m starting to suspect that Vue d’Esprit has some sort of bug regarding the rendering of clouds at extreme FOVs. The clouds lose a lot of detail when I widen the FOV for the multi-screen versions. It took me an extra couple of days of rendering to figure out that it’s impossible to replicate the original clouds. I’ve tried to compensate but the simple fact is that they don’t look the same as the single-screen version. I’ll continue to experiment, but I wanted to post what I had before I did any more tests.

    I’m still planning to try a moonlit version, but I wanted to have the mulit-screens up first.

  • I’ve adapted Lokesh Dhakar’s “Lightbox” script for use on the “Gallery-at-a-Glance” page. Clicking the small thumbnails now will load the large version “lightbox style”. Click the caption below the large image to be taken to the page in the gallery containing the download links. I might be able to simplify this even more (add download links to the caption) but this is what I have so far.