Posted on May 25, 2008

  • I’ve posted a new animated wallpaper this morning on the Animations page. This is the one I’ve been rendering for the past month or so and have mentioned from time to time. The animation is based on my “Dispersion” wallpaper which I posted last year.

    In the animated version I have the colors cycle slowly through the spectrum such that it appears the individual colors are moving from bottle to bottle. It’s a pretty simple animation really, but each frame (out of 720 total) took around 30 minutes to render. I’ve tried to minimize noise as much as possible but some still remains. I could refine the frames for another two weeks but I don’t think the improvement would be worth the time. Anyway, I hope you like it.

    A question for you all. For future animated wallpapers would you rather see my stills animated (which will cause the rendering to take a very long time) or would you rather see animations designed from scratch? If I designed animated wallpapers from scratch the rendering won’t take as long, but I don’t think a still frame from the animation would hold up next to the stills that are in my gallery now.

    Basically, would you rather see ultra-high quality animations (but only a few) or more simpler animations? Feel free to post in the thread I’ve set up below.