Posted on February 11, 2008

  • I had wanted to post my new wallpaper this morning, but instead I have to post another sad update on what has become a cursed project. The long render that I had referred to way back on 2/1 finished last week but in the end it didn’t look like something I could post. It just didn’t turn out right.

    I should have stopped it sooner, but I kept hoping that the render was simply dealing with a particularly “hard” part of the image and would eventually speed up (as I’ve seen happen often).

    Once it finally finished I decided that I needed to rework a couple of things and try to do a render that would take a lot less time (especially since I was going to have to work up a multi-monitor version in the future). I promise to never let a render go that long again folks.

    The new version started rendering on the 8th and I woke up this morning fully expecting that it would be ready to post. Instead I found that Vue had crashed (most likely as it was working to display the final render) and I am going to have to do another 2-3 day re-render.

    If my head wasn’t already shaved I would be pulling out my hair at this point.

    I know you all have been waiting a long time, and I am sorry. I wanted it to be done this morning. The re-render should only take another couple of days and (unless it crashes again) I will post it straightaway.

    Once again, I’m very sorry about all of this! No one wants this project to be done more than I do.