Posted on February 1, 2008

  • Ok, obviously I was too optimistic last time about my progress on my latest project. Just to update you all: The image is complete (and has been for a while now) but it is taking forever to render. I’m thinking there is a bug within Vue d’Esprit which causes very slow rendering when subsurface scattering and radiosity are used. If the image weren’t 2/3 finished I would have canceled the render and tried something else, but I’ve gone this far and now I want to see it through to the end. Hopefully it will be worth the wait!

    No ETAs for you this time. It will be up just as soon as it finishes rendering!

  • In happier news, it’s Jessie’s birthday today. While it may seem that this site is mainly about me (since I’m the one who posts here), Jessie has a huge influence on what goes on at DB. I made a little comment thread below so if anyone wishes to say “Happy Birthday!” they can do so there. Happy Birthday baby! I love you!!