Posted on December 8, 2007

  • Time for an update on my condition. The healing process is going slower than I would like, but it is progressing normally. I visited my surgeon on Tuesday and was told to expect another two weeks of recovery. I’m visited by a nurse daily to change dressings and am still on pain medications (though I am tapering that off). Basically I just need to take it real easy for the next few weeks in order for all this to heal up (though I didn’t let that stop me from lifting Ian up for the first time this morning).

    I am at least thinking about my next wallpaper however and am looking forward to getting back to work as soon as possible. I haven’t decided if I will do a Christmas image or a more “generic” winter scene. Either one will probably be of limited use to folks, as I imagine neither Christmas nor Winter scenes stay on the desktop much past the 25th. Maybe I should just do an abstract…

    I will admit that I am not feeling the least bit of holiday spirit at the moment (I’ve only left the house once since returning from the hospital) but it tends to fill you when you least expect it. One thing that has really made me feel better is all the warm comments in regards to my last post. I can’t thank you all enough for the kind wishes.

    Just wanted you all to know what was going on healthwise. Bottom line: I’m healing up.

  • One other item to mention: Since last year I’ve had a contract with a company called “Wireless Developer” to offer my images as cell phone wallpapers. It’s been their job to market my images to the various outlets for cell phone images (my “Yuletide” image, for example, is a top seller on the AT&T Media Mall site).

    Wireless Developer contacted me last week saying that they’ve put together a storefront for my graphics. So if you are interested in downloading my graphics directly to your T Mobile, Sprint, or AT&T handset you can text “digiblas” to 32852. A nominal fee applies (I’m not sure how much they are each, but I get 50% of each sale).

    I wish I could offer you all a way to get these for free (since you are already Members) but they’ve put a lot of work into the store (formatting the images for all the different displays) and provide all the bandwidth. Besides, you are all welcome to download my work directly from the Members Gallery and upload it to your phone. The wireless store just makes it very simple.

    Anyway, give it a shot if you are interested. That’s it for now, I hope to post more soon!