Posted on November 4, 2007

  • I’ve posted a revised version of “Song of the Sky (2007) on the new images page. I had really not planned on doing any revisions to this one. It seemed that most of you liked it the way it was.

    Unfortunately I was bit by a nasty Vue d’Esprit bug whereby saving my file actually wiped out some of my work. Most of it was still there but my trees were all messed up. The end result being that I won’t be able to render the image again exactly as I had posted it on Friday.

    So I set about repairing the file and (and trying to avoid the bug). Other than the trees (which I was forced to change) I decided to change the aurora a little. It’s a little softer now and I’ve added more green tones. I’ve also tapered it a little at the top to more closely match the original (2000) render.

    Not much could be done about the reflections in water. The angle and proximity of the trees keeps the aurora from being reflected.

    Hopefully the new render will be as well received as Friday’s (since there’s no going back to it). Next up: Multi-monitor versions.