Posted on September 24, 2007

  • I’ve been receiving a lot of requests lately to post a widescreen or updated version of “Haiku”. No problem, right? Actually, yes. Haiku was created back in 2000 with an older version of Lightwave using a water shader that from a company that is no longer updating their software. Long story short, I couldn’t seem to render it and have it look exactly like the 2000 version.

    So I decided to do a new version. This was a tough call for me though. The original “Haiku” is probably my favorite image out of all that I have done and I didn’t want to redo it unless I was certain it could be improved. Whether or not I have succeeded is up to you now. The 2007 version is up on the new images page.

    I’ve added some reflected trees and sky to the surface of the water and for these reflections to be visible I’ve darkened the rocks under the surface.

    It’s always tricky messing with an old favorite (as I found when updating “Chamelea” earlier this year). I hope you like the new version at least as much as the old one.