Posted on August 5, 2007

  • I’ve posted one more revision of “Of All Places“. I’ve changed the ripples back to how they were in the original (but sharpened the reflections) and removed the wayward tree root.
  • I’ve registered my RSS feed with Feedburner (which is now a part of Google). Part of their service is they will provide an email notice when I update my RSS feed. Now those of you who miss my email update list can register an email with them and get an email delivered to you whenever I update my RSS feed (which is basically whenever I post a news item here).

    I really like the simplicity of running an RSS feed, and I never liked the pitfalls of running large email lists (hundred of bounced emails, unintentional spam blacklisting, etc) so I think this is a good compromise. Post below if you have any questions or comments.