Posted on July 28, 2007

  • I’ve made a few changes to the gallery pages this morning. I was in the process of uploading my first batch of 1920 x 1080 images (I’ve only completed the 2007 images so far) when I decided that it would be a lot simpler if I removed the “viewing page” step and instead link directly to the image files.

    Now you can right-click on the size link of your choice, select “Save As” and download the graphic without having to load it into your browser first. The main reason for the change is so I can more easily add different resolutions to the gallery in the future without having to rework a lot of code. There might still be a few bugs around so let me know if you see anything strange.

    I’ll be adding more 1920 x 1080 images (suitable for use on HDTVs, and as background for our Xbox360 and PS3 consoles) in the weeks ahead.

  • I’ve added pages so you can see the Top Ten rated “Day Sceneries“, “Night Sceneries“, “Abstracts“, ,”Planetscapes“, and “Interiors“. In case you’re curious, the “Night Scenes” the most highly rated (on average).