Posted on July 19, 2007

  • I had hoped to be posting a new wallpaper this morning, but I just wasn’t happy with the latest render. Since adding the ratings and comments I guess I have wanted to hold onto my work until it is as close to as perfect as possible. I hope you guys will continue to be patient as I am trying to learn some new software/techniques that I think will pay off big time in the future. I will keep working on the new wallpaper today and hope to have a render done by tomorrow or Saturday.
  • While I was waiting for this latest (failed) render to complete, I set about converting my wallpapers for use on the trendy new iPhone (I’ve gotten a great many emails about this) I’ve added iPhone versions of the 2007, 2006 and 2005 wallpapers (look for the “iPhone” link in the resolution choices). The links say “iPhone” in the galleries, but they should work on any device with a 320 x 480 screen. I’ll post zip files as soon as they are all up (I haven’t decided how far back in my collection I will go).

    You may have already made your own conversions, but I would ask that you have a look at these. I tried to do an interesting crop on each and they are all sourced from lossless originals.

    I don’t have an iPhone to test them on (and won’t until it supports 64-bit Windows) so if you have any comments on the iPhone versions please feel free to send them directly to me.