Posted on July 6, 2007

  • I’ve gone back and made a few changes to my new “Tropical Moon”. The planet rings are more distinct now and I think the clouds look better (less like fog). Some of you asked that the foreground be lightened, but I really want the foreground to be silhouette. In fact, this version may be a shade darker than the first.

    Anyway, it’s now up on the New Images page while the original version resides in the Pickle Jar.

  • Some folks have written me regarding wallpapers for the iPhone. My phone is slowly falling apart so I was in the ATT store the other day looking for a replacement. I played around with an iPhone and it looks like a cool little gadget. I couldn’t figure out how to download an image from the web and use it as wallpaper, but I hear it is possible to do so.

    I’ll be happy to post some iPhone wallpapers once I figure out what size (and orientation) they need to be. I must say though, that it is tough keeping up with all the gadgets and screen sizes out there!