Posted on May 19, 2007

  • Well, it looks like “Siteadvisor” is in the process of retesting my site. According to them it will take six weeks for the test to complete. During that time my rating has been changed from “Red” to “Yellow”, hopefully it will be green ASAP. Thanks again to everyone who spoke up on my behalf. I’m quite sure it was your voices which got their attention.
  • I’ve been reading the comments on “Hidden Falls” with great interest. I knew the waterfall would be an issue. Some of you wanted to see it with some motion blur and I can understand that. Unfortunately, I created the waterdrops as a static object and not as a particle animation (Vue doesn’t have a particle system). I did try animating the waterfall object but for some reason I was never able to produce a pleasing motion blur effect.

    Long story short, the waterfall (this version at least) is as good as it is going to look. Perhaps in the future Vue will have a particle system and I won’t need to use a workaround. Thanks for all the suggestions though!

    Speaking of suggestions, I thought you all might be interested in the images with the most recent comments. This is how I’ve been keeping track of which images (out of the hundreds in my gallery) have recent comments and I thought you might like to read them too. Thanks again everyone!