Posted on November 6, 2006

  • A couple of items to mention this evening. I received my copy of the “Oversize Wall Calendar” which is now for sale on Cafepress. It’s the best looking DB calendar yet. The print quality is excellent. It helps that I rendered each image for the calendar at poster size resolution. There is quite a bit more detail present than in the largest digital files I have available online. If you bought calendars from Cafepress in the past and are concerned about print quality, let me put those concerns to rest. The new calendar looks awesome.

    Which leads me to my second item. I rendered the calendar images at poster size so I’ve added them to my Zazzle collection. There are 8 new prints available, including “Reverie” and “Desert Snow”. Have a look.

    Lastly, I’ve been playing with the new version of Vue d’Esprit for the past couple of days. There’s quite a bit to digest, and the going is slow because it’s “pre-release” (buggy) software, but I’m learning.