Posted on November 2, 2006

  • Added “Nanocyte” to the gallery this evening. I had a little trouble deciding which gallery this should go in, but in the end felt it should go with the abstracts. What is it? I have my idea. You are welcome to come up with your own. One thing for sure, this was the first image I’ve done which pushed my new workstation beyond what my old one was capable of (it required move than 2.5 GB of RAM for Lightwave 9 to render it). I realize it might be a little too funky to use as a wallpaper for those of you used to “Reverie’s” and “Sakura’s”, but it was a fun exercise for me.

    Landscape lovers should be happy in the weeks to come. The fine folks at E-onsoftware finally came out with Vue d’Esprit 6 and I purchased (and downloaded) my “pre-release” copy last night. I’ve only had the chance to open it up a couple of times and briefly look around, but it definitely looks like it was worth the wait. Stay tuned!