Posted on October 23, 2006

  • I mentioned last time that my next wallpaper would be a Halloween theme. A few of you wrote me asking that I update one of my old designs, but instead I decided to try something new. The wallpaper, “Forest of the Shades”, is now up on the new images page. I have included a “Shadeless” version in the Pickle Jar for those of you prefer it that way. Happy Halloween!
  • I know some of you are waiting for a multi-screen version of “Crimson Season”. Unfortunately, I don’t think I will be able to render one until Vue 6 comes out. My workstation has 8 GB of RAM installed, but Vue 5 can only use 2 GB of it and “Crimson Season” is right up against this limit. When Vue 6 is released I hope to go back and do quite a few multi-screen renders which were not possible using Vue 5. Thanks for being patient!
  • Jason is 5 months old today (time flies!). Some of you have asked how he’s coming along. Here’s a pic.