Posted on August 28, 2006

  • I’ve added an updated version of “Flight of the Hammerheads” this morning. Quite a few of you felt that the render I posted yesterday was too dark and commented that the silhouette view of the sharks lent them a 2D appearance. I’ve lightened things up ever so slightly so you can see the 3D contours on the sharks and a little more detail on the ocean floor. Yesterday’s version remains in the Pickle Jar. Which do you prefer? The image with the higher rating after a week will remain in the gallery.
  • I added an RSS feed for the free gallery yesterday and created a page with widgets which allows you to add the feed to your favorite web based feed aggregator. Here is a version of the page for the members gallery feed. I would recommend that all members subscribe to the Members Gallery feed (rather than the Free Gallery feed) to stay up to date on the newest additions to the gallery and other news.
  • Some of you have asked for an update on Jason. He’s three months old now and growing steadily. He get cuter every day (in my biased opinion). Here’s a pic.