Posted on July 27, 2006

  • It’s been a long week for the Bliss family. Last Wednesday my grandfather’s wife of 25 years passed away (after a long illness). We had intended to leave Friday for Arkansas to visit with Jessie’s family (who had yet to meet Jason) and have him baptized in her brother’s church (he is a Catholic priest). We made the trip but cut it short by a day to be back on Monday for the funeral (in which I served as a pallbearer).

    Tuesday I got back to work tweaking “Ring of Fire” (as I mentioned last time). I made a few changes (gave the water a more tropical color, added some flowers in the foreground, adjusted the palm fronds so more of the volcano is visible, and a few others). As the changes are not really that drastic, I have decided to overwrite the original rather than keep it around in the Pickle Jar. This means I have cleared out the ratings for the original. Please feel free to vote again if you like.

    Shortly after I posted “Ring of Fire” last week I received a number of requests for a night version. You’ll find both the updated day version and a new night version on the New Images page. I hope you enjoy them.

    I had some trouble rendering this project on my current workstation (there’s over 13 billion polys), so I think multi-monitor versions may have to wait until my new machine arrives (hopefully sometime in the next couple of weeks).