Posted on April 1, 2006

  • I’ve finally finished and posted the day version of “The Vault”. Seeing as this render too somewhere around 10 days (no foolin!), I don’t think I will be using Vue for radiosity renders any time soon. I can’t figure out why this one took so long. I rendered “Desert Snow” using similar radiosity settings the render took less than a day. Anyway, I think the final product looks nice (I hope you like it too), but I don’t think it was worth the time it took to render. Lesson learned.

    I’ve also added “Radiance“, a little fractal abstract I managed to come up with while my main machine was busy.

    I’ve had some ideas for springtime images that I’ve been anxious to try out, so I’m going to get busy on new stuff here shortly. I will probably hold off on multi-monitor versions of “The Vault” for at least a week or two.