Posted on March 26, 2006

  • A little status report. I’ve designed a day version of “The Vault” and back on the 20th I started it rendering. I was going to use “radiosity” for the day time version. Radiosity produces some stunningly realistic lighting, but the render times can be appalling. I didn’t know just how bad the render times would be though (thought it might take 48 hours at most).

    It’s been over six days now and the render is only around 20% complete. It has sped up a little since the water part has been rendered, but I think it still has a few days left. I’m kind of to the point now where I’ve put so much rendering time into it that I need to see it finished. As soon as it is done I’ll have it posted and be moving on to other projects.

    Just wanted you all to know.

  • I just did an interview for a website called “Inner Traveler“, you can check it out here if you are interested.