Posted on November 29, 2005

  • The latest version of my CDROM is now available from Cafepress. It includes the entire members gallery with the exception of the Pickle Jar images and the multi-monitor screens. The widescreens are included.

    I was able to include the dual and triple screen images last year, but there just wasn’t space on a single CDROM this year. If Cafepress ever decides to offer data DVDs then I can include them again (and probably the Pickle Jar and PNGs as well). Sorry to disappoint you multi-monitor users.

    The price is the same as last year: $24.99 or non-members, $14.99 for members. Last year I had an option to purchase the CD in a paper sleeve, but this year I decided to only offer the jewel case (with full color booklet). Be sure to drop me a line if you have any questions.