Posted on November 11, 2004

  • Our first few weeks here in Illinois have been rather gloomy weatherwise and for a while Jessie was really down in the dumps. I can’t change the weather, but in an effort to cheer her up I thought it would be nice if I did a tropical theme for my first “post-move” wallpaper. The image, called “Vigil“, is now up for your review. A widescren is also available. Hope you like it!
  • I’ve taken down the links to purchase my CDROM (V.5). I will be putting together V.6 shortly and I hope to have it up before the end of the month. I also plan on doing at least one Calendar.
  • I got to see a rather awesome display of the Northern Lights earlier in the week. I was able to sit out in front of my house (in freezing temps) and take a few pictures. Here’s one of them which I think turned out rather nice. The photo is a 30 second exposure which helps bring out the colors (it didn’t look this bright and colorful to the naked eye). It was only my second time seeing the Aurora and it gets cooler every time!