Posted on November 5, 2004

  • I’d like to thank you all for being so patient while I go through this transition. Things are about as settled in now as they are ever going to be, so I started work yesterday on a new wallpaper. I can’t give you an ETA, but I thought you would like to know that something is in the works.

    In other news, I’ve added about thirty 2560 x 1600 renders. They scattered throughout the widescreen gallery. I want to have the rest done shortly so I can include them on Version 6 of my CDROM, which I hope to have out before the end of the month. I’ve also added 6 new posters to my Zazzle collection, including my first “widescreen” poster. I may add more of those later.

    Lastly, thanks to Brent McAleer for pointing out to me that Digital Blasphemy was mentioned on the BBC World show “Click Online”. If you are interested you can check it out, and even watch the show, from here.

    Now back to work for me…