Posted on September 19, 2004

  • I’d like to thank everyone who has written me with letters of support regarding our decision to move back to Illinois (see post from 9/6 below). I’ve received far too many emails to ever hope to reply to them all, but I just wanted everyone to know that I’ve read them all and I thank you for understanding my situation.

    We are in the process now of trying to sell our home. It isn’t too much fun having people tramp through your house day after day, but hopefully it will be over soon. We think we have found a family who is interested and if we are lucky the house will be sold soon. Then on to the packing…

    I mentioned last time that things would slow down around here, but not come to a complete stand-still. I had the opportunity over the past few days to work on a new wallpaper and I’ve posted it up for you this evening. It’s an abstract which I call “Glimeren“. There may be an extra version or two in the coming days. I hope you like it!

    “Glimeren” is the first image in my gallery to be available at 2560 x 1600 (to take advantage of Apple’s new 30″ LCD) in the widescreen gallery. All of my future renders will be available at that resolution and I hope to have the existing widescreens all re-rendered shortly.