Posted on December 19, 2003

  • LATE UPDATE:I worked a little more on the “Boughs of Holly” today, focusing on improving the look of the berries. Many of you correctly noted that they looked a little too “perfect”, so I’ve tried to make them look a little more realistic. I saw no need to keep the old version around, so I’ve simply overwrittenthe old files with the new.
  • After working on “The Ride”, I thought it would be nice to do a holiday image with some color. I tinkered around with a few different ideas before I came up with something which, I hope, looks festive and fits the season. The new render, “Boughs of Holly” (as in “Deck the halls with…”), is up for your review on the new images page. I may fool around with it a little more over the weekend, but this will be my last new project until after Christmas. I hope you like it!
  • Any of you thinking of purchasing my CD or a Calendar as a Christmas present might be interested to know that Cafepress is offering 2 day shipping for the price of standard shipping. Unfortunately, the deal only last through the end of today.