Posted on October 6, 2003

  • A few items to report today. First, I’ve added 1280 x 1024 renders to the 2001 and 2000 galleries. Second, “Once Upon a Time” (the day version) is now available as a poster. I’ll have to do a little tweaking before the twilight version is ready. You might also be interested to know that Zazzle now offers framing and matting options so your prints can arrive ready to hang.

    Third, I have a dual-screen version of “Once Upon a Time” rendering and I think you dual-head folks will really enjoy it. It will be done in a few days (I hope).

    Lastly, I just received my copy of “3D World” magazine in the mail and saw that the full version of World Builder 2.3 is available on the included CDROM. It’s the same program I used to create “Valley 2000”, “Glenwood”, “Sunset Fog” and “Song of the Sky” (and many others). I’m not sure what the magazine goes for on the newstand (over $10 I think) but considering that I paid over $900 for my copy of World Builder, it’s a pretty good deal. The issue features “Finding Nemo” on the front cover and should be on newstands soon. Happy Rendering!

  • Go Cubs!!