Posted on July 10, 2003

  • Thanks to everyone who wrote me with their views on the “clouds vs no clouds” issue. I’ve come to decide that the cloudless version is the better one, and I’ve swtiched out the Pickle Jar/Gallery images. The cloudless version will be featured in the gallery from now on. Both versions will, of course, be available in the Pickle Jar.

    I’ve added a dual-screen and a widescreen version as well. Enjoy!

  • By now I’ve gotten around 20 emails from folks mentioning that they spotted one of my images (“Fluorescence”) on the computer used by the cast of the new “The Real World (Paris)” show. Thanks everyone for the heads up! Feel free to write if you spot my work elsewhere on the Tube, but further emails regarding “The Real World” are unnecessary.

    FYI, I didn’t arrange anything with MTV. I don’t mind that they are using my work (quite the contrary) and I won’t be suing them 😉